Our 2 in 1 technology

With our 2 in 1 coating technologie we are able to refine organic and inorganic substances with pure gold, platinum, silver and so on. The previous problem was that, for example, gold rich- gilding is very soft. soft. Logically, the abrasion on soft materials is high. The refining has a shortened lifetime. Due to the 2 in 1 finishing a very hard protection is applied to the material. The transparepreserves the natural color of platin, gold and so on.

Low temperature method:

In comparison to metal finishes, the temperature plays a major role in fabric and fur finishes.
Galvanic coatings would function by temperature but will be eleminated because an adhesive layer is applied between the material to be refined and the finishing material. Thus the properties of the hair and fabric would be changed.
By a regulary changing temperature and pulling a vacuum, the precious metal is applied with laser.